Jesus Christ asked forgiveness for those who were nailing him to a cross. Do we think we have it tougher than that? Or will? If we were to give a seriously biblical and genuinely Christian answer to the question of how we might prepare for some future disaster, we would have to say: By doing what Christians always do. In good times or bad, Christians proclaim that Jesus is Lord and seek to love Him and love our neighbors as ourselves. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Alan Jacobs

Epistemology is social. We decide what to believe by deciding who to believe. When we believe the wrong people, bad things happen. On race relations, for example, the wrong people have tremendous influence in academia, and this has spilled out into schools of education, corporate human resource departments, and elsewhere. I think that some (much?) of the loss of trust in news media and other important institutions is due to a general suspicion that the wrong people have achieved high status within those institutions. Therefore, I think that the problem of intellectual status inversion is worth trying to solve. Not by politicians, but by replacing academic credentialism and cronyism with a more rigorous process for evaluating intellectual quality.

Arnold Kling

A Prayer of Confession

“God of wisdom and truth, you call us to listen and follow your word to us, but we confess that too often we only hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. We look for answers that reinforce what we already believe and do and we don’t notice how Jesus loved those who were difficult to love, who were different, or on the margins. Jesus loved us with his whole life and invited us to have such a change of heart that we live that same love. Forgive our cautious love and our guarded hearts and give us the courage to follow in Christ’s footsteps. In his name, we pray. Amen.”

“Who’s to blame? Well, a perfectly reasonable explanation is that the public has lost all trust in the elites and their institutions, and its frequent eruptions express anger over failure at the top. In other words, it’s the elites who are to blame.”

Martin Gurri

In case you need something to make you smile, Indigo says hello

Helpful two minute video on dealing with frustration

One of the benefits of #WFH is being able to go to the local coffee shop and spend a few minutes enjoying a beautiful day in the Village of #Granville

“Instead of clear rules, rationally conceived and universally applied, the new rules are opaque, emotionally conceived and subjectively applied. If we lived under some fickle absolutist king, who arbitrarily decided what was offensive, outrageous, or even criminal, we’d all recognize the illiberalism of it. But when a mob arbitrarily rules the same way, we call it social justice. It’s really just the tyranny of feelings.” — Jonah Goldberg

I do not need another Monopoly game, I do not need another Monopoly game …

TTW you forget to renew your plates and the line is out the door at the BMV … 😬

@JVLast “Today you can walk into Walmart and buy a 65” Ultra-HD TV for $470. Meanwhile, if a fan wants to go see a Steelers game, the average ticket is $93 and parking is $40. Do the math …”

Trying to wrestle my review of Suicide of the West into publishable shape. Ooof, at 2000 words and counting without discussing Part Three.

Spring at The Ohio Department of Natural Resources means goslings (and defensive geese)

My son’s cool temporary tattoo from Saturday’s soccer game. (Trying out photos)

Trying out the iOS app. Still pondering how to use this platform.

Wondering how microblogging might be preferable to using social media. Not sure I have the content or reach needed to make this work but giving it a try …